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The Enterprise: What better ship could there be with which to explore the universe? Certainly no garbage scow, the Enterprise is capable of firing phasors and photon torpedoes. It can reach warp speed and has even been known to break the time barrier. While it doesn't have a holodeck like some modern craft (hey, man, THIS crew lives in reality) it IS the ship that started it all!

James T. Kirk: Oh Captain my Captain! 
Kirk pioneered the behavior of placing his highest ranking officers 
(himself included) in the most danger. Gifted with the keen ability to 
solve problems under life-threatening conditions through intuition 
alone, Kirk has bluffed, reasoned, strong-armed, and kissed his way out 
of situations inescapable. The master of over acting and the amazing 
two-handed blow to the back, he simply has no equal.

Spock: The First Officer of the Enterprise, no man or Vulcan has ever been the cause of so much Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, as people around the world try to mimic his Vulcan greeting. Spock wore his pointed ears before they were in fashion even under great derision from others (e.g. the Yangs and Cons). At least four times as strong as a human, having copper-based blood, Spock can drop a man with one nerve pinch and can mind meld even with pizza-like aliens (Paaaaiiiiin!--i.e. Horta). Counterbalance to Kirk's brash intuition, Spock made logic cool. Live long and prosper!

If you wish to make an offering at the shrine, clear your mind of all 
thoughts for several moments and then rub the Buddha's tummy for good 

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